Collaborative Fact Checking

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Help fighting the spread of misinformation, fake news and rumours.

Using our platform, you can provide a fact checking service to your customers on their favorite messaging platforms.
Let your experts review links and questions, group them into claims and provide a range of opinions to the public.

Fully integrated with Slack.

A screenshot of a Slack conversation with the response of the /factchecking slash command in action.

Never miss anything. We dispatch instant notifications in Slack as soon as something happens.

Using our Slash Command, you can query the platform without even leaving Slack!
We're constantly working on improving the Slack user experience and wait eagerly for your suggestions.

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Data-driven decision making.

Using sophisticated algorithms, we parse all incoming messages for meta data like keywords, media files and links, for example.
Everything is set up to speed up your research and aid you in creating automatic responses.

Backed by powerful automation.

Answer recurring questions immediately, no agent interaction required.
Our platform provides you with intelligent tools to track similar images, common questions and spam.

By setting up automation rules, your agents won't be bothered with the same questions over and over again.

And much more.

Trust on the experience of the market leader.

The Fact Checking platform is an extension of our Messenger Communication Platform that provides thousands of businesses with reliable tools to communicate with their customers using messaging apps.
Securely, professionally and in full compliance with data protection regulations.

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